Safe Surgery

Here we tell you about the special approaches and procedure protocols for safe surgery created by Dr. Villamarín.

Dr. José Villamarín is committed to providing safe and quality care to patients. Our experienced team is prepared to provide the highest level of surgical and medical services. We work together with patients and families to ensure their safety, well-being, and recovery.

Safe Surgery & Procedures Protocol

10 Requirements designed by Dr. Villamarín:


Accreditations and quality control:

Dr. Villamarín and his entire team are of recognized prestige and have all the education, accreditations, certificates, diplomas, associations, official titles and continuing education necessary for professional practice at a national and even international level.
Both the medical and surgical centers and the products and their suppliers, involved in the daily practice of Dr. Villamarín and his team, are of recognized prestige and have implemented quality management systems that comply with national regulations, laws and standards of safety and quality.


Specialized measures to avoid surgical complications:

There is an important list of special measures designed by Dr. Villamarín. Here are some examples: He avoids the famous Danger zones or anatomical danger zones; he promotes the use, whenever possible, of cannulas for injection of any substance, be it anesthetic or a filler, instead of needles, to minimize the possibility of serious complications. He also uses the insertion of protective shields for the safety of the eye and vision, considered by Dr. Villamarín (he is also an ophthalmic surgeon) something essential for the safety of the patient and his sight. Postoperative hilotherapy (a machine with an innovative extracorporeal thermal circuit that promotes healing in the postoperative period), antibiotic therapy, and the hyperbaric chamber are other resources for selected patients.


Infection control:

Dr. Villamarín and his team apply a specific protocol with measures to try to avoid infections in patients and have a solid procedure for prevention, monitoring, and follow-up of the surgical wound to improve patient outcomes. This includes patient education for the after care discharge phase.


Prevention of thrombosis and bleeding:

Dr. Villamarín and his team follow international and personalized protocols with measures to try to avoid coagulation problems (thrombosis, embolism, hemorrhage) in patients and also has a solid procedure for prevention, monitoring and follow-up of patients. This includes patient education in the preoperative and post-discharge phase of care.


Safety inside the operating room and medications:

The protocols (checklist) of the WHO (World Health Organization) are followed, as well as the internal protocols of each operating room to try to prevent errors and accidents.


Local anesthesia:

Although general and local anesthesia are very safe procedures today, Dr. Villamarín and his anesthetic team believe that local anesthesia, with or without sedation, is sufficient for most cosmetic surgery procedures. To do this, he applies specialized and highly secure protocols. This avoids general anesthesia whenever possible, minimizing or avoiding unnecessary risks.


Minimally invasive and endoscopic surgery:

Dr. Villamarín has a saying: “Aesthetics begins with the surgical incision.” He firmly believes that minimally invasive surgery, whenever possible, is not only the future of cosmetic surgery, but the present of his daily activity. There are many reasons to perform procedures with the smallest possible incisions, and of course endoscopy has an important and growing role in your surgical practice, offering enormous advantages to the patient, including faster recovery and small incisions with almost invisible scars or sutureless & scarless.


Falls of patients and prevention of pressure skin injuries:

We exercise vigilance and perioperative prevention (before, during and after the procedures) to avoid any unfortunate physical fall of the patient or injuries due to prolonged pressure on the skin.


Pain and anxiety control:

We also have a protocol for anxiety and pain control, using safe medications and avoiding physical dependence. The patient is monitored and direct 24/7 contact is maintained with us for any eventuality and to make the entire experience smooth and non-traumatic for all our patients.


Patient satisfaction:

All feedback received from patients is collected, studied and shared with all team members. All incidents are reported and reviewed, system improvements are agreed upon, and relevant personnel are trained in new processes or procedures as part of our ongoing quality of care management and improvement system.


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