Cheek Lift - Midface lift (with endoscopy and scarless)

What is a cheek lift / midface lift?

Here we tell you all the secrets for the procedure of Cheek Lift / midface lift (with endoscopy and scarless) performed in Madrid and Valencia by Dr. Villamarín

Cheek or midface lift surgery uses different procedures to recover the volume and position of aged cheeks and normalize the nasolabial fold and midface area. When other parts of the face are in acceptable condition and the main problem is the cheeks, we can use specific techniques for it. Dr. Villamarín will study each case and search for less invasive surgical procedures performed under local anesthesia to achieve excellent results.

Sometimes it is recommended to combine it with blepharoplasty or eyelid ptosis surgery when the case requires it. In addition, all this can be integrated with the rest of the face in specialized procedures designed by Dr. Villamarín such as NEW AGE LIDS ®, FRESHLOOK TOUCH ® and FRESHLOOK RESCUE ®, LIFTING MAKEOVER ® and PREVENT & ACT SKINCARE ®

Am I a good candidate for cheek lift / midface lift in Madrid and Valencia ?

Candidates for a surgical cheek lift procedure should be in good general health, have mild to severe cheek changes, and have realistic expectations. They should not suffer from skin, infectious, immune diseases, hypertension or uncontrolled diabetes. It is strongly recommended not to smoke from 1 month before surgery to 1 month after surgery. The patient must not be pregnant or breastfeeding.

Dr. Villamarín will meet with each patient individually to determine if they may benefit from a cheek lift. During this consultation, a thorough examination of the cheek, eyelids and face will be carried out. The objectives, benefits, results and alternatives without surgery will be discussed with Dr. Villamarín and then he will design a detailed and adapted treatment plan or tailor made for each patient. In the case of surgery, a preoperative procedure will be ordered and postoperative recommendations will be provided in accordance with the protocol for the procedure.

What kind of anesthesia do we use?

Local anesthesia, usually with sedation, which may include regional blocks or anesthetic creams.

The procedure

There are many techniques available. Dr. Villamarín prefers to use the minimally invasive ones, which include an endoscopic lifting approach or an approach through the lower eyelid, all of which are usually combined with centrofacial lipofilling. Other less frequent options are temporal area incision with surgical threads or alloplastic implants. There are more techniques used by Dr. Villamarín but reserved for special cases. Age, sex, type of problem and associated problems, as well as some other parameters, are key in deciding which technique to use.

In some cases with planned blepharoplasty, the cheek can be raised directly from the inside of the eyelid and even alloplastic fixation, using innovative techniques developed by Dr. Villamarín, in his staggered blepharoplasty program Dr. Villamarín Madrid and Valencia.

Light to moderate.

Local with or without sedation.

1-2 weeks.

Initial results visible after 3-4 weeks.

Mild, moderate and severe cases. Drooping and sunken cheeks.

Integrable with:
Blepharoplasty Madrid and Valencia, other facial rejuvenation procedures, NEW AGE LIDS ®, FRESHLOOK TOUCH ® and FRESHLOOK RESCUE ®, LIFTING MAKEOVER ® and PREVENT & ACT SKINCARE ®

Gravity and changes over time in the tissues of the cheek, nasolabial fold, and surrounding areas produce a sagging and downward sliding of the cheek, both the upper portion below the eyes and the lower portion, ultimately breaking the mandibular line (jowl). All of this gives us an image of real aging. There are many techniques that Dr. Villamarín uses to solve it, both without surgery and with surgery. When the changes are already significant or the patient wants a permanent solution, surgery is recommended.

Dr. Villamarín, an expert in eyelid surgery and medical and surgical rejuvenation of the face and eyes, seeks a comprehensive solution that harmonizes our entire face through advanced techniques combined in innovative programs created by himself. He makes you feel young and alive again!


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