Revision Surgery for Scars

Here we tell you information about Revision Surgery for Scars in Madrid and Valencia by Dr. Villamarín

A phrase coined by Dr. Villamarín is: “The result in cosmetic surgery already begins in the surgical incision

Dr. Villamarín uses all available means and actions so that the surgical wound in his procedures heals well and without prominent scars. Therefore, whenever he can, he uses MICROINCISIONS, ENDOSCOPY and MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY, and applies MICROSURGERY to close the surgical incisions, with inert materials and special protocols for advanced management of the surgical wound. For example, there are several medical and surgical procedures to try to reduce them to their minimum expression. Treatments with special medications, laser, pulsed light (IPL) or intralesional injections, as well as scar revision surgery with plastic procedures are the main procedures used by Dr. Villamarín, although more are available.


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