``The privilege of growing old and the option of rejuvenation``

Here we tell you about the Surgical Approach designed and performed every day.

By Dr. Villamarín.

My main goal is to restore your confidence, beauty and youth in a lasting way, by reaching your aesthetic goals in the most natural and safe way possible. I firmly believe that in order to achieve the best natural results in facial rejuvenation, it is crucial to listen and understand the unique needs of each patient, communicate with each other clearly and honestly, and offer individualized, safe, effective, and realistic solutions.

We must start from the idea that growing old is a privilege but rejuvenating is an option. Most of our patients come to us expressing concern about their aged image and with many doubts about the immense variety of procedures, their characteristics, safety and efficacy. We are experts in learning everything there is to know about your considerations and concerns and answering each of your questions clearly and honestly.

Today the number of techniques, programs and solutions is enormous, some of them personalized and created by Dr. Villamarín. The options are almost endless and in today’s times, you can control your results according to your ideas, needs and budget.

We have long observed that aesthetic physician practices, due to a lack of real surgeons, often offer repetitive non-surgical treatments to patients who require surgery, costly in the long run. And vice versa, some surgical centers, particularly those made up of nameless changing teams and not always led by the same surgeon, encourage continuous surgeries, when the non-surgical alternative would be just as effective.

Dr. Villamarín takes a comprehensive approach and considers all the options available in combination and tailor-made or personalized programs. These programs seek to solve the complex problem of rejuvenation with efficiency, safety and satisfaction, either through medical-aesthetic procedures, or through minimally invasive surgery for the patient, or a combination, and in any case always carried out by Dr. Villamarín and his team.

Finally, skin care is another pillar often forgotten by surgeons, but one that is a crucial part of Dr. Villamarín’s professional approach to rejuvenation and that he always adds to all other procedures, personally applying them to his patients to achieve glamorous and smooth skin as the final touch.

My work philosophy

My work philosophy is based on solid commitments with my patients. I firmly believe that they are necessary to achieve your satisfaction.

They could be summarized in the following:

Offer one or several options that adjust to the aesthetic wishes of our patients, the expected budget and the time for recovery.

Adapt each procedure to the needs and desires of each patient.

Use the most advanced techniques to obtain safe and natural results

Achieve a quick recovery and the least painful possible for each patient.

Achieve the best aesthetic result while maintaining a natural appearance.

Promote fluid and sincere communication with understandable and functional responses so that our patients can make the most intelligent decisions.

Involve patients in making decisions and managing their problems.

Promptly resolve patient issues and concerns.

Offer the best possible care to our patients during each phase of their procedures.

Guarantee that Dr. Villamarín will be personally responsible for the medical and surgical procedures and the perioperative management of each patient.

Communication and transparency

This is a critical part of a successful result.
You will consult directly with Dr. Villamarín, always with a simple, honest and open dialogue about your hopes and expectations, and you
will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have, thus achieving a better understanding of the procedures and thus resolving
all your concerns or doubts.

Listening and educating our patients

We highly value listening to the patient, understanding their needs and looking for personalized or tailor-made solutions. Additionally, as part of each consultation, you will be provided with a thorough education on the current techniques that are available and the correct combination will be recommended to produce the best results.


Pacientes que viajan

Disfrute de una experiencia de conserjería para visitar nuestros Centros. Estamos dispuestos a hacer que el proceso sea suave y libre de estrés para todos nuestros pacientes nacionales e internacionales, que viven lejos de nuestros Centros, brindando así asistencia con el alojamiento, el transporte, la recuperación e incluso organizamos visitas turísticas y más.

Blefaroplastia lifting facial y lipofilling | Dr Villamarín. El Dr. Villamarín es el mejor cirujano oculoplástico de blefaroplastia y rejuvenecimiento facial en Madrid y Valencia. Resultado natural. Mejor precio.

Travelling patients

Enjoy a concierge experience to visit our Centers. We are willing to make the process smooth and stress free for all our national and international patients, who live far from our Centers, thus providing assistance with accommodation, transportation, recovery and even organizing sightseeing tours and more.

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