Asian Blepharoplasty 亚洲眼睑成形术

What is an Asian blepharoplasty?

Here we tell you all the secrets for the procedure of Asian Blepharoplasty done by Dr. Villamarín in Madrid and Valencia

There are people of Asian ethnicity (particularly those born without a crease) who find eyes with a crease and a defined inner ridge to be especially attractive or even more practical for daily makeup. What we do not do is try to completely “westernize” the patient’s gaze because it can be disharmonic and result in an unnatural or visually unpleasant aesthetic. The objective is surgery to preserve the abundant natural fat of the Asian upper eyelid and, on top of that, create an aesthetically pleasing eyelid fold.

Am I a good candidate for Asian blepharoplasty in Madrid and Valencia?

Candidates for an Asian blepharoplasty procedure or double eyelid surgery must be in good general health, not pregnant, avoid smoking from 1 month before to 1 month after surgery, in addition to other recommendations of our protocol.

Dr. Villamarín will meet with each patient individually to determine if they can benefit from this surgery. During this consultation, a thorough examination of the eyebrows, eyelids, and face will be performed. The objectives, benefits, results and alternatives will be discussed with Dr. Villamarín and then he will design a detailed and adapted or tailor-made treatment plan for each patient. In the case of surgery, a preoperative procedure will be ordered and postoperative recommendations will be provided in accordance with the protocol for the procedure.

What kind of anesthesia do we use?

Local anesthesia, usually with sedation, which may include anesthetic creams and anesthetic eye drops for the insertion of protective shields for eye and vision safety, considered by Dr. Villamarín (also an ophthalmic surgeon) to be essential for patient safety (Safe Surgery & Procedures protocol) and applied to all procedures that are close to the eye.

The Asian blepharoplasty procedure Madrid and Valencia.

Asian double eyelid cosmetic surgery can be performed simultaneously and optionally with epicanthoplasty, for aesthetic correction of the internal fold. Dr. Villamarín can use two main types of techniques for Asian blepharoplasty, the incision technique and the suture technique. The incisionless technique (closed or sutured) is faster and with faster recovery, but its effects are less predictable and probably not long-lasting. The incisional (open) technique is the opposite, it is more predictable and durable.



Jose Villamarin 医生使用局部麻醉(通常带有镇静剂)来进行亚洲双眼皮整容手术。 该手术可以与内眼角整形术同时进行并可选择进行,以对内皱襞进行美学矫正。 Villamarín 博士作为眼面部美容整形外科医生和国际专家,可以使用两种主要的亚洲眼睑成形术技术:无切口或缝线结扎的闭合技术,以及有手术切口的开放技术。 封闭技术执行起来更快,恢复也更快,但它的效果更难预测,而且可能不会持久。 手术或开放式切口技术更可预测和持久。 我们提供中文普通话和粤语或其他亚洲语言的翻译,以支持亚洲眼睑成形术的整个过程。 如需更多信息,请联系 Villamarín 博士。 也请访问我们的英文版本,了解更多信息。 谢谢。


local with or without sedation.

1-2 weeks.

Initial results visible after 3-4 weeks.

Temporary or permanent transformation of ethnic type eyes, normalization of edges.

Integrable with:
Upper blepharoplasty Madrid and Valencia, cheek lift, forehead lift and brow lift with or without surgery, other facial rejuvenation procedures, NEW AGE LIDS ®, FRESHLOOK TOUCH ® and FRESHLOOK RESCUE ®, LIFTING MAKEOVER ® and PREVENT & ACT SKINCARE ®

What will you get?
A new face look with bigger and brighter eyes. cheer up!


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