Here we tell you about the special approach of Dr. Villamarín and his team regarding medical and surgical aesthetic procedures designed specifically FOR MEN to obtain the safest and smoothest experience and expected and natural results.


In today’s competitive world, a man’s appearance has a great impact not only on his personal life but also on his work life.

Dr. Villamarín also performs surgical treatments in men, including neck and facial lifts, blepharoplasty, and volumization of the face, chin, or jaw.

Dr. Villamarín also prefers local anesthesia with sedation for most surgical procedures performed on men.

The male facelift and male necklift in Madrid and Valencia.

There are two main concerns in men, prominent neck and jawline loss on the one hand, and the fear that some facelift cosmetic surgery procedures will feminize their faces. Dr. Villamarín avoids this with a treatment protocol focused on male results. On the other hand, in men, neck lipoaspiration has variable results, and in cases with large neck volumes, careful lipoaspiration is necessary and the addition of tight platysmaplasty. In extreme cases, direct expert excision of excess neck skin is required.

In facelift and forehead and eyebrow lift, Dr. Villamarín adapts the incisions to the presence of the beard and the presence or absence of alopecia (hair loss). He also recommends the minimal incision or endoscopic approach in many cases.

He also frequently believes in the need for special treatments for thick skin or those that are very damaged by the sun, with procedures without surgery and with parameters adapted to their situation.

Neck surgery in men is highly required and has a great impact on their personal and work lives. Dr. Villamarín prefers the use of minimally invasive techniques for each case in men, with which he achieves shorter discharges and faster recoveries.

Blepharoplasty in Madrid and Valencia for men.

In men, bags and dark circles tend to be more prominent on the lower eyelids. In the upper eyelids, the hooding with excess skin that covers part of the eyelashes is usually observed in men.

Dr. Villamarín adapts blepharoplasty surgery techniques for men by increasing the level of preservation surgery, eliminating even less volume of muscle and fat tissue than in women and repositioning the fat homogeneously, especially over dark circles, thus avoiding excess of liposculpture and any degree of feminization.

Maxillary hypoplasia or a maxilla with a volume less than necessary for facial harmony can benefit from dermal fillers, lipofilling or personalized alloplastic implants. Likewise, Dr. Villamarín do not raise the male eyebrows unless it is really necessary, and always following the masculine pattern.

Again, the skin is usually more damaged than in women and requires specific surgical and non-surgical treatment, especially with lasers, soft peels, nanofat or other procedures.

Mandibular line and chin in men.

Dr. Villamarín performs an increase in the volume of the chin and masculine definition of the jawline and chin, both by procedures without surgery (special dermal fillers and other techniques) and with surgery (chin lipofilling, customized alloplastic implants intraorally or submental)

Other procedures without surgery and with surgery for rejuvenation in men. Dr. Villamarín will adapt the procedures to the needs and conditions required by men, avoiding any degree of masculinization and minimizing incisions and adapting the type of anesthesia to avoid discomfort.


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Blefaroplastia lifting facial y lipofilling | Dr Villamarín. El Dr. Villamarín es el mejor cirujano oculoplástico de blefaroplastia y rejuvenecimiento facial en Madrid y Valencia. Resultado natural. Mejor precio.

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