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10 Tips for recovery after eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty

By Dr. Villamarín.



Here are 10 Tips for recovery after eyelid surgery: How diet and lifestyle can affect recovery after eyelid surgery.

Eyelid surgery or cosmetic blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that can improve the appearance of the upper and lower eyelids.

However, recovery after blepharoplasty is a delicate and stressful process.

For a complete and satisfactory recovery after a successful surgery, special care is required. It is very important to follow the postoperative recommendations that Dr. Villamarín provides for each patient he operates.

The 10 Tips

Here we tell you 10 excellent tips about an important part, and sometimes forgotten by others, of this recovery process: the patient’s diet and lifestyle after blepharoplasty surgery.

Read below some of the recommendations that Dr. Villamarín and his team transmit orally and through our exhaustive personalized perioperative documentation, for all our patients and thus succeed with the recovery after eyelid surgery:

Tip 1: Hydrate yourself properly

Water helps flush out toxins from the body and reduces bloating. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and reduce inflammation.

Tip 2: Avoid salt

Salt is a leading cause of fluid retention, which can increase swelling after eyelid surgery. Avoid foods rich in salt in the postoperative period, such as the following: Powdered milk, cheeses, smoked or cured meats, serrano ham or cold cuts, smoked or preserved fish, bread except unsalted bread, packet soups, vegetables and packaged juices. , olives or salted nuts, butter, high-sodium mineral water or carbonated drinks and prepared dishes or condiments. (The list is not exhaustive but indicative)

Tip 3: Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals

Foods rich in vitamins and minerals can help speed healing while reducing inflammation. Examples of this type of food are fruits and vegetables.

Tip 4: Avoid alcohol and tobacco

Alcohol and tobacco can slow down or even seriously complicate the healing process after eyelid surgery or face lifts. It is very important to avoid consuming them during the recovery process.

Tip 5: Get enough rest

It is important to get enough rest after cosmetic surgery to allow your body to recover. Get enough sleep with your head elevated and with two or three pillows, and avoid strenuous activities or intense stress.

Tip 6: Don’t wear makeup

Avoid wearing eye makeup after eyelid surgery and while you recover. Makeup can irritate the eyes, increase inflammation, or infect the surgical wound.

Tip 7: Use cold compresses

Cold compresses can help reduce swelling after eyelid surgery. Use cold compresses on your eyes for the first few days after surgery. An alternative that Dr. Villamarín recommends for selected cases is hylotherapy, based on an electromechanical extracorporeal cooling system, with the aim of reducing postoperative inflammation.

Tip 8: Wear sunglasses

It is highly recommended to wear sunglasses with UV protection during recovery. Sunscreen category 3 sunglasses can help protect your eyes from sunlight and reduce puffiness.

Tip 9: Avoid direct sun

Direct sun can increase swelling and inflammation after eyelid surgery or face lift, or even other procedures, such as facial peels or lasers. Avoid exposure to direct sun during the recovery process.

Tip 10: Follow your surgeon’s instructions

It is important to follow Dr. Villamarín’s instructions after eyelid surgery. Also follow diet and lifestyle recommendations to ensure a successful recovery.


In summary, diet and lifestyle can significantly affect recovery after eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty in Madrid and Valencia. Follow a healthy diet, avoid alcohol and tobacco, get enough rest and follow the postoperative recommendations that we will provide you with, to ensure a complete recovery.

If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact Dr. José Villamarín by making an appointment in person or through his online consultation. Thank you.



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