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Drooping eyebrows, now what?

By Dr. José Villamarín.

The eyebrows play a fundamental role in the aesthetics and in the expression of the face. They also have protective functions for the eyes, diverting the sun, rain or sweat. Here we are going to talk about eyebrow ptosis or drooping eyebrows and its relationship with blepharoplasty.lifting cejas y blefaroplastia dr jose villamarin oculoplastico

The eyebrows and the passing of the years

Over the years and the influence of gravity, changes of all kinds occur in the eyebrows and the tissues that surround them, and the tendency is a slow and progressive fall, sometimes not symmetrical, of the eyebrows. This fall has profound changes in the image. The effects are varied and different for each person, but are often described as looking tired, sad, disdainful, or angry.

But, in addition, the drooping of the eyebrows favors changes in the upper eyelids and surroundings, usually skin folds or even simulating the drooping of the eyelids. This can be confusing, leading to wrong treatment, especially in physicians unfamiliar with orbital, ocular, and oculoplastic surgery.

Correct diagnosis of drooping eyebrows is essential

I always recommend taking a detailed medical history, an ocular examination with the fundus, a functional oculoplastic examination and a detailed facial study, all in order to exclude hidden causes, neurological or of another type. It is not frequent, but there may be cases that require a different approach, such as another type of procedure or the need for medications.

The solutions

Once the problem is defined, we can offer one or several aesthetic solutions, with or without surgery, to recover the previous appearance and with natural results.

Various procedures have been devised both in aesthetic medicine, which are usually temporary, and with surgery, which are usually permanent. Sometimes, and depending on the case, I decide to combine several procedures.


Non-surgical procedures for drooping eyebrows.

In aesthetic medicine, non-permanent procedures are usually offered, such as the strategic use of anti-wrinkle treatment with neuromodulators, and above all, special injectables or tension threads as temporary solutions.

The anti-wrinkle treatment with neuromodulators injected into specific points and personalized by me, allows eyebrow lifts for 4 months, more or less.

With the fillers, or dermal fillers, I can raise the eyebrow and cause volumization with a smooth effect on the look. They usually last about a year.

With the tensor threads, strategically oriented, I usually produce a temporary lifting or eyebrow raising effect in the patient, for approximately a year and a half.

Techniques with surgery if you want a permanent solution.

As it could not be otherwise, permanent surgery techniques have been developed (more than 8-10 years), such as a minimally invasive or endoscopic brow lift, frontoplasty, advanced blepharoplasty with ciliary (brow) lift or a combined frontotemporal lift.

To highlight the minimally invasive or endoscopic eyebrow lift, which, under local anesthesia with sedation and in the operating room, achieves a natural result of raising the eyebrows and eliminating glabella wrinkles (frown lines). In cases of only eyebrow tail drop, we can even reduce endoscopic surgery in time and incisions.

Sometimes there are cases of frontoplasty (forehead skin tightening) in which I reduce the frontal wrinkles and improve the image by changing the hairline.

If there is also a drooping of the eyelids or eyelid folds or even bags, I usually combine the blepharoplasty procedure or eyelid surgery with a lifting or eyelid and eyebrow tightening from the eyelid itself (advanced blepharoplasty) according to the protocol, technique and innovative classification created by my.

Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is sometimes combined with canthoplasty (modification of the angle of the eyelids) and temporary tail lift (temples) to create permanent foxy eyes.

Lastly, in selected cases, I proceed to a frontotemporal lifting to solve eyebrows, face and neck with significant tissue loss.

To end…

There are two key points for success in solving eyebrow drooping: a correct diagnosis of the existing problem or problems, and the combination of appropriate procedures for each case, which are finally based on the degree of drooping, the existence of other problems aesthetics, the need for a permanent solution or the ultimate goals of each patient.

If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact Dr. José Villamarín requesting an appointment in person or through his online consultation. Thank you.

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