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Help! I need a revision blepharoplasty

By Dr. Villamarin.


Here we will talk about how we solve a blepharoplasty performed elsewhere and whose result is not satisfactory. We apply some of our most innovative cosmetic oculofacial surgery techniques to solve this urgency.


But what is revision blepharoplasty?

Revision blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid revision or secondary surgery, is a procedure or group of surgical procedures that seeks to correct or improve the unsatisfactory results of a previous blepharoplasty.

In some cases, the results of an initial blepharoplasty may not be as expected, which may lead to the need for a revision blepharoplasty.

Why have I come this far?

We have compiled some of the reasons for seeking revision blepharoplasty with us after unsuccessful surgery at other Centers. Some patients may experience post-operative complications, such as abnormal healing, uneven results between the two eyes, or even functional problems such as severe dry eyes or difficulty closing the eyelids completely. Another group of patients believe that the result does not partially or totally meet their aesthetic expectations or even that they feel different. In any case, in parallel to the physical problem there is usually a variable degree of emotional suffering, which sometimes includes patients with reactive depression or anxiety and treatment, and that we also try to improve on our part with continuous psychological support.

On the other hand, I would like to comment that we have noticed that many patients come from other Centers where the surgeon does not offer real solutions, gives late appointments, refuses to perform revision surgery, or even the patient does not even know the exact name Who operated on him. Be wary of low-cost centers, low quotations, surgical teams without the name of the surgeon, or Centers where a different surgeon sees you every time. In particular, be wary of surgeons who do not perform revision surgery, which often indicates an inadequate level of training and experience.


When is the best time to fix the problem?

Revision blepharoplasty is a procedure not based on regular protocols, but rather a personalized solution for each case. In addition, it is a delicate and complex surgery, which must be approached with caution. Therefore, it is recommended that these surgeries be performed by an expert in facial cosmetic surgery and also an oculofacial plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Villamarín.

Before considering revision surgery, it is essential that the patient wait long enough for the tissues to heal completely and for the results to be visible and stable. We generally recommend waiting at least six months from your last surgery before having revision blepharoplasty with me.

How is the revision blepharoplasty process with Dr. Villamarín?

The process generally begins with an exhaustive consultation in one of our Centers, be it Madrid or Valencia. During this consultation, I always encourage the patient to clearly and candidly communicate their current concerns and goals regarding future revision surgery. In the office, I carefully review the results of previous blepharoplasty and other previous procedures, and identify areas that need correction to determine the best surgical approach to achieve satisfactory results.

What are the main revision blepharoplasty techniques?

Our approach to revision blepharoplasty will depend on the specific problems that are presented to us in each patient. In some cases, it may be necessary to adjust, either by reducing or increasing, the amount of skin, fat, or muscle that was changed in the original surgery. In other cases, more advanced techniques, such as tissue redistribution, scar correction, or reshaping, may be required through advanced revision procedures.

Sometimes there are multiple procedures done previously, such as facelifts or brow lifts, that we also need to evaluate and look for multiple solutions. Let’s remember that the face is like a puzzle of interconnected pieces and it must be evaluated in an integral way for a natural result.

Can I have complications when performing this revision surgery?

Despite all the efforts on our part, be it in the planning, execution or follow-up of the revision blepharoplasty, and as with any procedure that involves surgery, there are associated risks. In particular, it must be taken into account that revision surgery, be it blepharoplasty or facelift, is usually more complex and requires a longer surgical time than procedures in people undergoing these procedures for the first time.

These risks are rare, but they are usually somewhat more frequent than in primary surgeries, and include, among others, infection, persistent inflammation, bleeding, healing problems, persistent asymmetry, or unsatisfactory results. It is essential to follow all our indications and pre and postoperative recommendations to minimize these risks and achieve a satisfactory recovery.

What results can I get after a revision blepharoplasty?

It is critical that patients have realistic expectations about the results of a revision blepharoplasty. Although our goal is clearly to improve initial results, it can be difficult to achieve a complete and totally satisfactory correction in all cases.

There are a huge number of individual factors that can influence the ultimate success of revision surgery, including healing, skin elasticity, previous conditions, and the patient’s general health.


In conclusion, revision or secondary blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that attempts to correct or improve the unsatisfactory results of a previous blepharoplasty. With this, we address asymmetries, excessive or unexpected scars, unsatisfactory aesthetic results, and functional problems.

However, it is a complex and delicate procedure that requires careful evaluation, clear and complete communication between the patient and the surgeon, and, above all, realistic expectations about the results.

It is important to remember that each case is unique and that the best option depends on a personalized evaluation carried out by Dr. José Villamarín. If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact Dr. José Villamarín requesting an appointment in person or through his online consultation. Thank you.

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