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How to prevent facial aging from home in 10 steps?

By Dr. José Villamarín.


Today I wanted to talk to you about how to prevent or slow down aging from home, and about the face and neck in particular.


What is facial aging like?


As the years go by, many facial aging changes occur, affecting all layers, from skin to bone, through fat, muscles, ligaments, fascia, cartilage, glands and noble organs.

A very visible element of the passing of the years are wrinkles and folds.

Some are related to the sun, smoking, metabolic activity, oxidative stress or the effect of gravity.

Others are related to facial expressiveness, since the muscles of mimicry are generally anchored deep in the skin.

The fat of the face and neck is generally distributed in compartments. With age, fat is redistributed, with accumulation in some unwanted areas, and loss in others, but it usually ends up atrophying or thinning throughout the face.

In addition, some ligaments and fibers that compartmentalize the fat are losing their firmness and this, combined with gravity and other factors, allows the fat to slide towards unwanted places and creating an image of clear aging.

Finally, the bony skeleton thins and sinks in some areas of the face, and the facial cartilage changes, with thinning of the eyelids, drooping of the nasal tip and elongation of the ears. Foreheads apparently expand as the hairline recedes.


And what can we do from home to prevent or delay facial aging?


Obviously, genetics influences and cannot be modified today, nor can it block the passage of time or avoid the effect of gravity.

But here are some secrets that I want to share with you to prevent aging and that I will develop in more detail in future reels on my Instagram and blogs on my websites.

I am going to make here a simple and non-detailed list of 10 steps or actions in our daily lives that can help us delay facial aging:


1- Reduce exposure to Ultraviolet (UV) rays

Exposure to the sun has some advantages, such as promoting good levels of Vitamin D, so necessary for bone metabolism. But it also has negative or deleterious effects, such as photodamage to the skin and progressive deterioration of its structure and function, susceptibility to skin cancer and photoaging. To avoid this, use sun protection every day and do not expose yourself to the sun or tanning machines. Authorized self-tanners without sun protection are not recommended.


2- Avoid toxins

Don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol and don’t take drugs of abuse. They are known to deteriorate the skin quickly and promote aging.


3- Prevents chronic skin inflammation

Control acne or other skin problems throughout your life so that they do not leave scars. Scars deform the skin and severely alter the skin surrounding the scar. Furthermore, they are not easy to remove.


4- Please hydrate

Water is life, quality of life and skin, so hydrate yourself, both with the water you drink and with direct hydration of the skin. Drink enough water to maintain a clear urine color. On your skin, apply quality topical moisturizers frequently, especially in harsh or dry environments.


5- Sleep well

Sleep as long as you need to feel rested and refreshed when you wake up. But try not to sleep excessively and with your face face down or always in the same position, to avoid chronic accumulations of fluids in facial tissues or visual changes. Sleep with your head slightly elevated.


6- Daily grooming

Dry your face with gentle touches, avoiding harsh rubbing or shearing your face when drying it during daily cleansing. Don’t forget to remove your makeup with quality products.


7- Lifestyle and diet

The way of life should try to avoid excess stress or excessive gestures. Do physical exercise without excesses and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Try to maintain a healthy diet with balanced macronutrients, micronutrients and foods rich in antioxidants.


8- Daily skin care plan

I recommend a skin care plan that includes: a topical retinoid, a topical sunscreen, a gentle enzymatic or hydroxy acid peel, a natural vitamin or botanical or even artificial antioxidant, a good topical moisturizer, and a good makeup remover. We can also create a daily, professional medical grade skin care plan, personalized for each patient, and which is part of my PREVENT AND ACT SKINCARE R program.


9- Supportive treatments

Begin non-surgical treatments such as anti-wrinkle treatment with neuromodulators, peels and others, following the professional’s recommendation. They have been associated with a delay in the appearance of wrinkles.


10- Put yourself in the hands of a professional

Go to spas and medispas of recognized prestige for maintenance and visit a trusted doctor and cosmetic surgeon when deterioration due to age is evident. Delaying these actions makes the cases later more advanced and more invasive measures have to be taken.


The conclusions…


In general, a series of daily actions and from home are recommended to try to delay facial aging: Hydrate, sleep comfortably, avoid damage from the sun and toxins, lead a life without excess stress, exercise, eat a healthy diet and maintain a daily skin care plan.

If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact Dr. José Villamarín for an appointment in person or through his online consultation. Thank you.

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